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The Reason Route Optimization is Vital to Logistics Companies

Route Optimization is not a luxury, logistics companies need to delivery goods in the smartest and most efficient way....


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Time Management: Practical Tips for Logistics Companies

Logistics Companies can implement these practical time management tips to enjoy efficient operations, cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. When time is managed effectively, goods will be delivered on time and the company can stay ahead of com...


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Wireless Freedom: How Data Collection Terminals Transform Courier Services

If you thought all automation technology in courier services ended with stationary computers, scanners, and printers, prepare to be amazed. Welcome to the world of data collection terminals (DCTs) – devices capable of streamlining and accelerating your operations without tying you down to one location. They transform every corner of your warehouse, every courier vehicle, and even the stre...


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Cash Management Automation in Courier Services: Your Key to Efficient Workflow

In this era, technology is infiltrating every aspect of our lives, making them simpler and more efficient. One such field is the courier service. Today, we will talk about an essential part of courier service operations - cash management, and how automation assists in optimizing this process.

When we talk about courier services, we usually see just one side of the coin - the delivery....


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Cross-Docking: Smart Sorting at the Heart of Your Delivery Service

When goods are needed to be sorted out and correctly distributed among the orders. The Measoft cross-docking module helps you in it....


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Warehouse Optimization: Automating Warehouse and Fulfillment Processes

In the business of warehouse handling and delivery, the main goals are efficiency and speed. To remain competitive in a rapidly evolving world, courier services need to have a system that can handle the intricate logistics of warehouse accounting. Our warehouse accounting module in the courier automation system is just what you need.

The warehouse accounting module is an incredibly ha...


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Barcode Use in Courier Services: Work Faster and Smarter with Our Automated System

The benefits of using barcodes in business operations have long been known. They enable quick and accurate data processing, reducing the time and effort required for manual data entry. In the world of courier services, this is especially crucial, where speed and accuracy are key elements for a successful business. Our courier service automation system extensively employs barcoding to simplify a...


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Optimizing Customer Interactions through the Ticketing Module in Courier Service Automation

One of the key success factors for any courier service lies in the level of customer service provided. Queries, complaints, suggestions, and reviews - all require timely and attentive responses. Here's where our ticketing module comes into play - it acts as a comprehensive "command center" for customer interactions.

How does it work? Picture your customers reaching out t...


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Recipient's Personal Dashboard - Technology at the Customer's Side

In the modern world, customers are attracted not only by high-quality goods but also by the level of service. Hence, companies that value their customers aim to make their interaction with the service as comfortable as possible. In our courier service automation system, we have incorporated a feature that allows the client to fully control the delivery process - this is the recipient's pers...


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Platform for Integration in our Courier Automation System: Quick, Efficient, Simple

In the contemporary world of business processes, no company exists as a closed island. Every day, we encounter the need for interaction with other services, companies, institutions. And technology integration becomes our helper and faithful ally in this process.

Our developers are aware of this, so in our courier automation system, we've provided a platform for developing integrat...


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All Your Delivery Types, Simplified and Automated

In this era where everything is geared towards maximum efficiency, automation becomes an indispensable tool for any business sphere. And one of those fields where automation truly shows its prowess is courier delivery. That's where our courier automation system comes in with a plethora of possibilities.

Urgent same-day delivery is a service where efficiency and speed are a must. O...


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Courier Automation System: Flexibility, Support, and Custom Approach

We live in a dynamic world where business processes and demands can change as if by magic. The times when you could install software and forget about it are gone. Today's software products require flexibility and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing business landscape.

That's exactly the system we offer. Our courier automation system with a built-in scripting language is d...


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Smartphone as a Barcode Scanner: Cost-Efficiency and Productivity in Courier Delivery

In today's rapidly evolving technological world, our courier automation system is keeping up with the pace. One of our most forward-thinking tools is a mobile app that turns a smartphone into a free 1-D and 2-D barcode scanner.

For small and medium businesses in the courier industry, it can sometimes be challenging to balance financial expenditure and technical equipment needs. Th...


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Quick and Efficient Paper Waybill Processing in Modern Courier Services

In the age of digital technologies, many prefer online functionalities, but we can't forget about time-tested traditional methods. And one such method in the courier service world is paper waybills. To ensure timely and efficient processing of these critical documents, we've incorporated a mass paper waybill processing feature in our courier service automation system.

Despite ...


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Recipient Address Control System: Your Navigator in the Delivery World

In this day and age, in an era of bustling urban migration and ever-changing rental agreements, it's easy to get lost in addresses. But not if you are using our courier automation system. Among the plethora of useful functions we have implemented, the recipient address control feature stands alone. Allow me to explain in detail how it works and why it will become an integral part of your bu...


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How Technology Aids in Delivery Management: Handwritten and Automated Waybill Management

Modern technology is infiltrating all areas of our lives. In the field of courier delivery, we are observing a new progressive step — a function for handling handwritten waybills via a mobile app. This is how we, in our courier service automation system, are streamlining the record-keeping process.

So what is this function and how does it work? Imagine a typical day of a courier...


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How a Courier Delivery Service Can Decrypt Changes in Delivery Costs

In the world of online trading, the ability to offer free shipping has become an important tool for attracting customers. However, what happens when a customer changes their order at the last minute, and the final amount becomes less than the threshold for free delivery? This is where our courier delivery automation system comes into play.

Let's explore this in detail. Imagine a s...


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