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Recipient's Personal Dashboard - Technology at the Customer's Side

In the modern world, customers are attracted not only by high-quality goods but also by the level of service. Hence, companies that value their customers aim to make their interaction with the service as comfortable as possible. In our courier service automation system, we have incorporated a feature that allows the client to fully control the delivery process - this is the recipient's personal dashboard.

Each order in our system is accompanied by a unique link to the order page that we send to the recipient via SMS. This link leads directly to the recipient's personal dashboard, where they can track the status of their order at any moment.

One of the key aspects of our service is flexibility. We understand that plans can change, so in the personal dashboard, the recipient has the opportunity to change the delivery address or the desired delivery time. This is particularly convenient for people who are often on the go and value their time.

Our service also offers the opportunity for prepayment of the order or delivery by credit card. This is a convenient and safe solution for those who prefer cashless payments.

Another advantage of the recipient's personal dashboard is the ability to track the courier's location in real time on the map. This is not only convenient but also transparent - the recipient always knows where their order is.

If the recipient has any questions, they can directly contact the courier through the personal dashboard. This significantly simplifies the delivery process and communication between the courier and the client.

After receiving the order, the client will have access to the receipt in the personal dashboard. This confirms the legal purity of the transaction and allows to keep all documents in electronic form.

Lastly, but no less important - in the personal dashboard, the recipient can rate the quality of delivery. We believe that customer reviews and ratings are the most valuable information for courier services. After all, it is thanks to this feedback that delivery services can improve, enhance the quality of their service, and strive for the best.

That's how simply and conveniently our courier service automation system works. We do everything so that our clients - courier services - can provide their customers with the highest level of service. Because we believe that in the era of digital technology, everyone deserves to receive their orders quickly, conveniently, and without any unnecessary hassle.