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Does the mobile app work offline?
Yes it does, however some features are not available for offline mode.
How can I find out the status of my package?
By using our Customer Portal you can book parcel deliveries from anywhere and track them with no complications
What are the customer support team's operating hours?
Every working day from 8:00 to 21:00 EET, we provide phone, Skype, and email assistance.
Will I receive instruction or a training guide?
Yes. We provide step by step instructions to help you with the process of how to use our courier software.
Do you have an API for your delivery software?
Yes. We have a user-friendly API to make our synchronizing system as simple as possible.
Is the order process automated?
Yes. To save you as much time as possible, the ordering procedure is automated.
Which integration systems does MeaSoft support?
Yes, we support a variety of interface systems, including POS, FSM, ERP, CRM, and other platforms that best fulfill the needs of the client.
Does the mobile app have a signature system?
Yes, a signature collection feature is included in the MeaSoft mobile application.
Can I try MeaSoft for free before renting/making a purchase?
Yes, there is a risk free 14-day trial. You will be able to choose another plan and get your license at any time during or after your trial.
What features does MeaSoft free trial include?
Free trial provides access to MeaSoft Mini plan for 14 days. You will be able to choose another plan and get your license at any time during or after your trial.
Will MeaSoft work with and use my country's currency?
Yes. MeaSoft works with all major currencies worldwide.
Will MeaSoft display in my local language?
It can. MeaSoft is currently available in English; however, the program can contain data in any language and is fully Unicode compliant.
Do I need to purchase specialized mobile hardware for MeaSoft App?
No. MeaSoft is compatible with thousands of existing mobile devices on Android and iOS.
Can I import Orders from MS Excel?
Yes, Orders can be imported from MS Excel by dispatchers in the backoffice or by customers via client account
Do you support scanning?
Yes, we provide the functionality to print waybills, labels, barcodes that can be scanned
What does the free demo involve?
We’ll arrange a suitable time for a remote demonstration session via Zoom. We’ll cover many topics and answer as many questions as possible. The session usually lasts an hour.
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