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Flower Delivery System

With the help of our dependable delivery system software, we can provide enjoyable distribution experiences and timely delivery of fresh bouquets. MeaSoft's Ordering Management system streamlines floral deliveries.
  • Easy-to-use Mobile App for Couriers
  • Live Tracking
  • Real-time Updates
  • Simple Order Allocation
  • Inventory Management

Let your delivery business bloom with MeaSoft

Save time and resources by automating all your processes with our trustworthy courier management software

Opportunity to Expand

Take your flower delivery business online with a ready-to-use customer portal and driver delivery app.

No Time Wasted

Auto allocate orders to drivers based on multiple configurable parameters.

Important Data at Hand

You can monitor the status of your goods with no complications whether you have fifteen items or fifteen thousand.

All In One Place

Manage all aspects of flower delivery from a single dashboard.
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