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Key Features Of Delivery Management System
Customer Portal
Courier management software from MeaSoft provides user-friendly web interface for customers allowing them to book their parcel deliveries seamlessly from anywhere, track them, get quotes and many more.
Dispatch Interface
All the requests and changes are handled through our central workflow in real time. Which means, less phone calls, missed information or open requests. Optimize first and last mile deliveries, ideal for enterprises of all sizes. It is the simplest way to manage delivery operations effectively.
Easily sync your systems with MeaSoft. A robust, easy-to-use API allows end-to-end integration with your ERP, CRM, POS, FSM or any other platform.
The real cost starts piling up there on, when you have to hire a dedicated team and do the run around yourself. MeaSoft promises Lowest Cost of Ownership to its users. Includes the cost of IT resources, maintenance staff and much more. You get no added charges, do the math.
Courier App
Get full process optimization using the iOS and Android Apps that provide accurate tracking of the parcel at each and every step, enable couriers to receive tasks, collect signatures with ease and many more. MeaSoft app is designed with couriers in mind.
We provide unparalleled support with dedicated customer success managers, no matter if you are just a startup or a multinational company. We offer our support every working day 8:00-21:00 EET via email, Skype, and phone.
Powerful Integrations
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Why choose MeaSoft
Order Creation
On average, you need 7 operators working 6 hours and spending 5 minutes to process each order
No time wasted due to automation of processes
Courier Scheduling
Even an experienced logistician spends up to 4 hours distributing orders between couriers
Scheduling is automated, takes 15 to 60 minutes depending on workload
Assigning tasks to couriers, tracking statuses, printing documents
Time consumption is up to 4 hours.
You need a logistician to manage the processes and an operator to confirm the order statuses. Add to it mandatory document printing to control the flow.
Time consumption is just 1-2 hours.
You choose whether a logistician distributes the orders or couriers can take the tasks by themselves.
Couriers can see their tasks in the mobile app.
Automated work with a barcode scanner.
No need to print documents – go paperless and save money and time
Courier Reports
Manually for 4-6 hours + scanning and attaching documents, taking up to 10 hours
Automated, in 2 hours using information from the barcode scanner and mobile application
Partner Interactions
You have to transform order data to contractor formats, monitor order tracking statuses and copy and paste data manually
Ready-made integrations with partner systems, automated order transfer and status tracking
Returns and Refunds
Manually. To select information on returns you need around 6 hours
Automated calculations in 1 hour max.
Courier Salary
Manual calculations take on average up to 6 hours
Automated calculations in 1 hour max.
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