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The Non-Disclosure of Personal Data

Policy (the “Policy”) concerns all the data that MEASOFT Ltd sole proprietorship may receive from the user while they use courierexe.com.

Using courierexe.com implies unconditional agreement of the user with the Policy and all its listed conditions regarding the processing of personal data. In the event of disagreement with the Policy, the user should refrain from using courierexe.com.

  1. Personal user data processed by courierexe.com

    1.1. The Policy defines personal user data as:

    1.1.1. Personal information that the user provides of their own volition while using courierexe.com

    1.1.2. Information that is automatically received by courierexe.com while being accessed by the user with the assistance of the software installed on the user’s device; including IP address, cookie files, information on the user’s browser (or other software used to access courierexe.com), technical information on the user’s hardware and software, time and date of access to courierexe.com, website addresses requested by the user, and other related information.

    1.1.3. Other user-related information that is to be processed by courierexe.com as per terms of use.

    1.2. The Policy is strictly applicable to the information processed over the course of use of courierexe.com and has no control or responsibility over the data processing performed by third parties, whose websites can be accessed by the user by following the links available at courierexe.com, including search results.

    1.3. courierexe.com does not verify the accuracy of personal user data and cannot evaluate its legal capacity.

  2. Objectives of processing user data

    2.1. courierexe.com strictly gathers and stores personal data required for contacting the user and processing queries made by the user.

  3. Terms and conditions of processing personal user data and its transfers to third parties

    3.1. courierexe.com stores personal user data in accordance with its internal regulations.

    3.2. Personal user data is kept strictly confidential.

    3.3. courierexe.com may pass on the user’s personal data to third parties only in the following cases:

    3.3.1. The user has given their consent to do so.

  4. Measures taken to protect personal user data

    4.1. courierexe.com takes the necessary measures to protect personal user data from illegal or accidental access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution, and other actions that may be performed by third parties.

  5. Changes in the Policy

    5.1. courierexe.com is allowed to make amendments in the Policy. When making amendments, the date of the latest update is specified in the newest applicable version. A new version of the Policy goes into effect at the time of publishing unless otherwise stated in the new version of the Policy. The latest version is always available at: http://courierexe.com.

  6. Feedback. Questions and suggestions

Publication date: 26.06.2017